Dec 2018
Donut from Krispy Kreme, Adelaide

When visiting America you will become familiar with two big brands in the donut business: Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme. The former of these was my favourite, especially with boxes of munchkins that would satisfy any donut craving. Although neither could hold a match to our local establishment, Paul’s Bakery – a little shop in Fredericksburg, Virginia – who had the best baked and fried goods for miles around. But when on the road with no Pauls around, for me, it was Dunkin’ Donuts all the way.

I actually disliked Krispy Kreme’s donuts growing up. They were too sweet, too oily – which I’m aware defines a donut – but it was always too much for my little taste buds to handle. When we moved from the States to Scotland, we suddenly found ourselves without any donuts around; it just wasn’t a specialty that Scotland invested in. However, over my 12 years of living in Scotland, things started to change. Donuts became more popular and about five or so years ago, the first Krispy Kreme appeared on the scene.

Krispy Kreme, Adelaide
Krispy Kreme,
Grenfell Street, Adelaide
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Now in Scotland, you can’t drive through any service station or go to any Tesco (the Coles equivalent) without bumping into a Krispy Kreme. And soon, mainly due to the lack of viable options, it became my own go-to for donuts as well. I grew used to the sickeningly sweet glaze covering the thin and overly expensive rich, oily dough.

Moving to Australia brought a thankful reprieve, with real bakeries, serving real donuts, with real passion. However, despite bakeries here in S.A. making wonderful donuts, and despite there being more bakeries around than almost any other eatery, Krispy Kreme  – hailing from the land of the red, white and obesity – has landed. Now it too is at every service station, many corner shops, and taking trade away from the local bakers and businesses. Out of all the requests The Holey Grail receives, the majority of them are for us to review Krispy Kreme. People seem most interested in knowing where Krispy Kreme rates on our <a href="">leaderboard</a> – more than any other donut. Why, what is so good about this donut? Well, I still don’t know – but my honest review can be read below.

Aesthetics 6

Ridiculously tiny for $3 and easily finished in a couple bites. The sign said it was chocolate, but it looked more like the stale, white-brown chocolate you get on old chocolate that's been exposed to the air too long. And no, those aren't giant sprinkle strands – that's just how small the donut was.

Topping 2.5

I wouldn’t even call it icing – it was simply hard, melted chocolate on top of a sticky glaze. The chocolate tasted like cheap cooking chocolate. The only redeeming factor was the sprinkles were somewhat fresh.

Dough 3.5

The dough was too sweet and tasted very chemically. There was maybe some yeasty flavour floating around in the background, but it was far too overwhelmed by the taste of fat and sugar.

Texture 3

The entire donut was oily, sticky and slimy. The dough was like air, barely there and with no chew or density. There was far too much crunch from the hard chocolate topping.



Only For Survival

I won't even pretend to like it: overrated, overpriced, sickly, pointless, too sugary and not at all for me.

  • Aesthetics: 6
  • Topping: 2.5
  • Dough: 3.5
  • Texture: 3

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