Jetty Bakery

Aug 2018
Donut from Brighton Jetty Bakery

I have always had a bit of a soft spot for the coast line at Brighton. When I first came to Adelaide as a tourist over four years ago, my friends took me on one of my first nights down to the jetty. We walked along the coast, I received my first “shout” at the hotel, ate an amazing ice cream loaded with free and unnecessary sprinkles from Copenhagen, and watched the stunning sunset down over the sea. Whenever I needed to escape the hustle and bustle, or go spend time quietly by myself, I would go down to the beach usually with a book and a donut – soaking up every ounce of sun my skin could handle. Although this was midwinter for Australia, being back in July 2014, for us part-Scots it was a boiling, hot day.

Now, having moved to Adelaide, I can’t shake my love of that part of the coast. Despite there being much nearer beaches, I will drive out of my way for a swim down and around the Brighton jetty. More than a few times I’ve been surprised by large stingrays lifting off the sea floor beneath me as I do my laps, and more often than I’d like I’ve been stung by the sneaky jelly fish that bask in the shallower waters – yet I still love it.

Brighton Jetty Bakery
Brighton Jetty Bakery,
Jetty Road, Brighton
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Despite my many visits to this beach I don’t actually think I had ever visited Brighton Jetty Bakery. It sits along Jetty Road – a popular stretch of sidewalk cafes and local shops – on the far end towards the sea. Its large windows fold back opening the bakery up to trade and the signage is nautical themed.

We visited the bakery later on in the day – so late I was worried they may have run out of fried goodies. As we walked down Jetty Road it was thriving, even mid-afternoon in the middle of the week, and as we approached the bakery there was a throng of people gathered outside. Surely, I thought to myself, they’ll have run out of donuts, but luckily a handful of remained. Taking the donuts for a stroll we did the obligatory photography down near the jetty before tucking in. A great donut in a great location – I am sure to be back!

Aesthetics 7.5

The dough was a dark golden brown and the donut average in size. The sprinkles were colourful but sparse over the chocolate icing. The icing covered the donut well but was uneven in parts.

Topping 7

The icing was a chocolate flavour, not a bad one as flavours go, but still didn't taste like the real thing. The icing was thin and sticky. There were only a few sprinkles but the ones there were crunchy.

Dough 8

The dough was yeasty, not overly sweet, and well balanced. There was definitely the taste of oil, but fresh oil, that it had been fried in and felt appropriate for a sea-side bakery. The dough, even being later on in the day, tasted fresh.

Texture 8.5

The texture of the dough was nearly perfect – fresh, fluffy and yet still slightly chewy with a great density surrounded by a crisp shell. The topping was a bit disappointing being too thin, sticky, and with not enough crunch from the sprinkles.



Heavenly Delight

I really liked this donut. It was fresh with a great taste to the dough and amazing dough texture. With some work on the icing and topping, we could see this donut go to the next level.

  • Aesthetics: 7.5
  • Topping: 7
  • Dough: 8
  • Texture: 8.5

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