Feb 2019
Donut from Simon's Bakery

Monday morning rolled around quickly. It followed a hot and sticky weekend for Adelaide, but the cool breeze had come and brought some temporary relief. Getting up early that Monday I drove down to Brighton beach for an early morning walk with a friend. She had recently returned from many years travelling and shortly was to jet off to America – potentially for a very long time. We had actually met in America around nine years ago and had stayed in touch. She was the reason I had come to Adelaide in the first place; it was she who introduced me to my husband, and she played a big and encouraging roll in my faith. An amazing woman – and one I didn’t want to miss spending extra time with.

So there we were nice and early and on the beach by half-seven. The wind had picked up and it was far from warm, with clouds dramatically and beautifully rumbling overhead. Nonetheless, the water was surprisingly warm as we walked along the shoreline catching up on two years of adventures. Despite the overcast weather, the beach was on the busy side with many dog walkers starting off their mornings with sandy and wet canines who bounded their way in and out of waves chasing elusive tennis balls. After an hour we had returned back to our starting point and saying our goodbyes I turned my thoughts towards breakfast.

Simon's Bakery, Hove
Simon’s Bakery,
Brighton Road, Hove
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As I drove home, passing along Brighton road, my eyes fell on a subtle bakery sign. My stomach rumbled in agreeance as I pulled into the parking lot. The bakery shared the lot with a Foodland, cafe, post office, hairdresser and I’m sure many other things, but overall none of them stood out. There were few customers around for any of the businesses and none for the bakery. As I walked in a little bell tinkled announcing my arrival, but I was greeted by no one. I waited for a few minutes, hearing voices in the back, but no one came around. “Perhaps they didn’t hear me,” I thought, “or perhaps they are closed”. I opened the door to leave, tinkling the bell again, and heard a shuffling come around the corner. Perhaps the most delightful, elegant and petite little old lady appeared from the back. Stooped by age and with a large tray of donuts in both hands, she looked as if a whiff of wind could have toppled her over. Placing the donuts in the shelves she turned her attention to me and although it took several times repeating, I eventually ended up with two large donuts in bags. She chatted as she served me, her white hair, floral outfit and motherly interest reminding me of my own grandmother. Spying a picture of my new puppy on my phone she enquired after him – declaring him one handsome dog (with which I do not disagree). We talked on this and that as she worked the card machine with surprising ease and with a big smile she sent me on my way. I walked out the door feeling warm, fuzzy and at home. Amazing how such small and pleasant interactions can really make your day.

Aesthetics 7.5

The donut was lopsided with one diameter double the thickness of the other but was overall very generous in size. Bright pink icing crowned an extremely dark (and overdone) dough, with a generous abundance of colourful sprinkles as its jewels. The top had blobs of other icings from other donuts on its edges where the icings had kissed; a little chocolate on one side and yellow icing on the other.

Topping 7.5

The icing was strawberry flavour but not particularly unpleasant, overpowering or too sweet as can tend to be with these fake berry flavours. I even preferred it to the chocolate icing. The icing was a great texture and topped with crunchy, fresh hundreds and thousands. Maybe a tad too much icing overall.

Dough 4

Unfortunately, the dough was a bit burnt on the outside and that flavour permeated through the whole of the dough. It seemed to be slightly yeasty with a good balance of sweet and salt, but difficult to tell overall.

Texture 7.5

The centre of the dough had a good chew to it but was, as mentioned, overdone and burnt, meaning that a lot of the dough had dried out. There was certainly a crispy shell. The icing had a great texture; thick, smooth and only a bit too generous.



Almost Wonderful

If it hadn't have been that touch overdone I think it would have been a great donut. Perhaps I will return another day. But the lovely service, big smiles, low prices and generous quantities are positive features of this bakery that make it stand out.

  • Aesthetics: 7.5
  • Topping: 7.5
  • Dough: 4
  • Texture: 7.5

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