May 2018
Donut from Elementary Coffee, Adelaide

Elementary Coffee is a gorgeous coffee shop settled down a little side street in Adelaide’s city centre. The unassuming front is easy to walk past. Only a small sign hanging above its door and delicate writing in the window gives itself away. The front looks small and it’s a surprise to walk into a lofty, bright space filled with the sound of coffee grinding and chatter from diners filling the tables down the sides.

Primarily coffee roasters, Elementary Coffee expanded to include a retail shop and cafe in the city centre. Their coffee is highly rated, but it was their notorious and varied selection of donuts that I was excited to try. We had been aiming to get to Elementary Coffee for a while, and several attempts had been made to go, but every time we wandered down the little street where the cafe resides they’d been closed. I had nearly forgotten about the bakery until a friend, who lives close to Elementary, praised their impressive donut range, particularly their Gin and Tonic donut.

At the word “gin” I was sold and settled to return within the week to try it out. I arrived, slightly puffed, after lunch one day to find a small donut selection remaining – the majority having been sold throughout the morning and lunchtime rush. Sadly, no G&T donuts, but there was still an interesting selection and I settled on a Rocky Road donut instead. The bright, smiling girl behind the counter was patient and helpful as I quizzed her on the flavours they offer. Every Friday they choose a new donut flavour with previous “Fryday” donuts including maple and bacon, PB&J, or the luxurious sounding “Roasted Almond praline with salted caramel glaze” – be still my donut heart! Even from the day-to-day they provide a selection of creative and delicious-sounding donuts, made in-store and fresh every morning.

The Rocky Road donut didn’t disappoint and I really appreciate the uniqueness that they bring to the donut market. I would love to return to try some of their more unique flavours one day and encourage anyone after a more artisan donut to try them out.

Aesthetics 6.5

The toppings were creative, however, the donut was on the small side. The dough was a lovely golden colour with thick, dark chocolate icing on to but slightly dribbled down the sides. Crowning the donut was a good scattering of quartered marshmallows and chopped nuts.

Topping 8

The icing was abundant, soft and fluffy. It was a lovely dark cocoa flavour, not at all fake, and not at all too sweet. The dark chocolate beautifully complimented not only the dough but also the nuts and mallow on top, both fresh in taste and texture.

Dough 8

The dough was unique and different. It was definitely fresh, not a sweet dough and more on the savoury side. The uniqueness came from an almost tangy taste, like that of sourdough, but undeniably good. May not be for everyone.

Texture 7

The donut was fresh from the topping to the dough. The dough was light and airy with a slightly crunchy shell and spring into the centre. The icing was smooth and thick and topped with fluffy mallow and crunchy nuts.



Worthy Contender

A really interesting donut, one to savour and not just gobble down. The other flavours sound creative and delicious, with a dedicated and passionate team forging the way of artisan donuts.

  • Aesthetics: 6.5
  • Topping: 8
  • Dough: 8
  • Texture: 7

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