Jul 2018
Donut from Bradley's Bakery

Three huge pigeons sat, plonked in the middle of an empty carpark, beady eyes hungrily staring down the large, colourful, chocolate donut that I held in my hand. I had never seen such ginormous pigeons in real life before, truly morbidly obese creatures, and not just one, but three of them. Clearly, the bakery whom’s tarmac these pigeons graced were in part responsible for their gargantuan state – and I wasn’t about to let my delicious donut go to waste on these rotund creatures. The pigeons were so fat that there was no way they would be able to fly. As I munched away at my donut and watched them stare as it disappeared, a car drove into the park where they sat, inches from them, and not one of them flinched or bothered to move. Probably because they couldn’t.

But let’s take a few steps back and start from the beginning. This blog is not about huge pigeons, or their laziness, but about donuts. I had received some eager emails about a bakery down in Christies Beach, called Bradley’s Bakery. It was clearly a popular haunt for locals. It’s not far from Noarlunga Hospital and only a small detour to the Adelaide-famous Port Noarlunga jetty and reef. The bakery resides in a dead shopping plaza with many a “To Lease” sign around. The bakery seemed to be one of the only places open on a Saturday but clearly turned a great trade.

Bradley's Bakery, Christies Beach
Bradley’s Bakery,
Christie Downs
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We were there on International Chocolate Day, and it only seemed right to partake in a chocolate donut – luckily a handful remained. Bradley’s was typical for an Australian bakery inside; glass shelves, a fridge full of Cokes and Farmer’s Union, and a server with the biggest smile and friendliest personality in Adelaide. She chatted away as she placed two large chocolate donuts in the bags to go, promising us we wouldn’t be disappointed.

And we weren’t. What amazing donuts, and well deserving of a (current) Top 10 place! They were soft, fresh and delicious. My husband commented on how they reminded him of donuts from his childhood; simple and joy-filled. Indeed, a single bite of one of these donuts fills you with a giddy, sugary, youthful excitement. Well worth the detour if ever you are in the area, just mind the pigeons.

Aesthetics 8

The donuts were generous, if not huge in size. They were flat in height, wide in diameter. The icing was creative and colourful and appealing to behold.

Topping 7.5

The darker chocolate icing on top of the donut was really excellent in flavour. The donut was adorned with a few lashes of berry pink flavour icing. The sprinkles were unfortunately hundreds and thousands but in good quantity so not overwhelmingly crunchy.

Dough 8.5

The dough was yeasty, sweet and fresh. A great balance of savoury and sweet with the yeasty flavour coming nicely through.

Texture 8

The dough was fresh, soft and with a good chew. It had that good doughy density that I love in donuts. The icing was smooth but could have been fluffier, and as previously mentioned would have been more ideal with an alternative to 100's and 1000's as a topping.



Heavenly Delight

These donuts were so good that I wish I could be one of those obese pigeons sitting outside the bakery all day, even if it meant all I got were the crumbs. Without a doubt, we will return.

  • Aesthetics: 8
  • Topping: 7.5
  • Dough: 8.5
  • Texture: 8

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