Nov 2018
Donut from Cherry Darlings Bakehouse

Cherry Darlings Bakehouse sits by the tram tracks in a beautiful and quaint suburb of Adelaide. The bakery prides itself on being vegan – which for donuts is fairly standard – but they have a wide selection of other goods of which the mind boggles how they make vegan-friendly. We had gone to Cherry Darlings over a year back, late one weekend day, and the donut selection when we went was poor. The only remaining donut was custard filled – which frankly hadn’t satisfied our cravings and been a disappointment. So, I hadn’t rushed back to review the bakery for the blog. However, I had started following Cherry Darlings on social media and was astounded by the pictures of donuts I had seen. They had beautifully, crafted donuts of adventurous and delicious flavours which had me drooling over my phone. Driving across town, one sunny and mild spring morning, I was still hesitant. I wanted to try the beautiful donuts I had seen on Instagram, but I didn’t particularly want a stale repeat of the custard berliner we had tried before.

Parking near the bakery I was surprised how quiet the roads were, especially on a Saturday morning. It was only later that it hit me that this was due to the Christmas pageant (note: this pageant takes place nowhere near Christmas time – oh, that annoys me so!). But lucky for me, this meant that the bakery was having a quiet morning and I was left with a plethora of donuts to choose from.

Cherry Darlings Bakehouse, Forestville
Cherry Darlings,
Aroha Terrace, Forestville
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Their selection was amazing. There were shelves of the most tantalising pieces of sweet, fried dough I had ever seen. Their donuts go above and beyond the normal bakery level, bringing artistic craftsmanship to a simple delight. The girl behind the counter assured me all their donuts were made in store, and how such a small storefront could produce such a large selection of beautiful goods amazed me. The choice was a hard one to make but I eventually settled on a caramel and chocolate drizzled donut topped with pretzels and cookie dough. <p class="p1">Taking the donut to go I headed to a nearby park, nearly deserted besides a couple of men and a cricket ball. The donut looked almost too beautiful to eat, but then again, I’m not good with self-control. So, with the sun warming me, the leaves bristling in a cool breeze, and the crack of a cricket ball on a bat, I enjoyed the donut in the peace and serenity of the park. I look forward to returning and trying out their whole range.

Aesthetics 9

It was a beautiful and tempting donut topped with chunks of cookie dough, whole pretzels, caramel icing and drizzled in chocolate. All this glorious topping sat upon a golden dough with the heavenly smell of yeast and sugar arising from the box. The donut was average in size with an equal diameter around.

Topping 9

The flavours were wonderful from the salt on the crunchy pretzel to the sweet and chocolatey cookie dough. The icing was a rich caramel, a bit on the thin side, but made up for with the generous toppings. With so much cookie dough it was a very rich treat.

Dough 6.5

The dough was a bit bland in taste, I feel like it needed a touch more salt to bring out the flavour more. You can smell and taste the yeast. Overall, it was not a particularly sweet dough which probably worked well considering the richness of the topping.

Texture 8.5

The dough was soft and chewy but with no outer crunch. There was no crunch from cookie dough either but there was from the fresh pretzels. There was a slightly gritty texture to cookie dough and thin icing that easily came off.



Heavenly Delight

Rich, delicious and delightful this donut was truly impressive and a real treat.

  • Aesthetics: 9
  • Topping: 9
  • Dough: 6.5
  • Texture: 8.5

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