Mar 2018
Donut from Sticky Fingers Bakery

The most obvious point to talk about in this introduction is the name, Sticky Fingers Bakery. When it was suggested to me by a friend to review I was dubious that such a place existed, and how it existed relatively under the radar in Adelaide with a name like that. It’s not just the name of Sticky Fingers Bakery, but the sign accompanying it of a hand, pointer and middle finger making the peace sign with yellow liquid dripping from them. I appreciate where the owners were probably trying to come from, whilst eating pies and donuts your fingers may inevitably become sticky; however, between the name and the fingers on the sign I can’t help but think that surely the owners realise what they’re insinuating?

Name aside, the bakery sits amongst a selection of shops at the intersection of Daws and Marion Roads.  Or where Daws Road becomes Oaklands Road – a confusing thing Adelaide does quite a lot with random changing of street names. Neither the site, nor the shop front, nor the name, gave me much hope for what I was to find inside. But as I entered through the hanging plastic door I was greeted by a smiling, friendly face of the lady behind the counter and a large selection of delicious smelling pies and sweet goods. The donuts were huge and for only $2 you could have a whole chocolate one to yourself, for an extra 50 cents they throw some sprinkles on top. The cakes were similarly priced, and there were treats such as apple turnovers for merely $1. The helpful lady at the counter placed three donuts in the bag for me, the final sprinkled and two chocolate topped. Laden with these I headed out the store.

Sticky Fingers Bakery
Sticky Fingers,
Park Holme
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Gone are the days where I would and could easily eat three donuts on my own and I took my haul down to the nearest beach to meet up with some friends, proudly presenting them with the baggies filled with fresh smelling donuts. One of my friends had her young daughter with us who eyed up all our goodies with an awestruck look. For the purposes of the blog, I had to have the sprinkled one and my other two friends graciously accepted the remaining chocolate topped. However, knowing that my sprinkled one would be coveted by the young child with us, I kept it hidden away in the bag as I ate. We all silently enjoyed our donuts looking out over the sea, the youngest of us doing a good job of getting chocolate all over her face.

It wasn’t long before I felt a pair of eyes looking at me. Whilst my friends had taken their donuts out of the bag to eat, I had kept mine hidden. Subtle as I thought I was I was no match for a 2-year-old.

“I see” she said, looking straight at my brown bag.

“Oh” I replied, “ I have a donut just like you!”. I kept my prize in the bag.

“No, I see!!” She demanded again.

Taking the donut I carefully lifted it out of the bag, keeping the sprinkled topping facing me so all she could see was the golden dough.

“No,” she said impatiently “I see!”

I turned the donut around, revealing the sprinkles in all of their perfect glory. Her eyes lit up. I tore off a chunk and handed it to her and eagerly she dove into the donut, licking up the sprinkles and not dropping a single one. She then alternated between the chocolate donut in her left hand and the sprinkled one in her right.

Her eagerness was not unfounded, for they were amazing donuts.

Aesthetics 6.5

The donuts were large, barely fitting in the bags given to hold them. There was good sprinkle coverage but with a few areas lacking. White, thick icing coated the top of the light golden dough. Overall the aesthetics was appealing except for a slightly squashed height and very unequal diameter.

Topping 8.5

The topping was excellent. A lovely plain white icing, thick but not unnecessarily so and smooth. It covered the dough well and was topped with an abundance of fresh, crunchy sprinkles.

Dough 7.5

The dough was not sweet, but quite savoury and almost buttery. On its own the dough would have been almost a more savoury item - it reminded quite a lot of croissants in taste. It had a subtle yeasty flavour which could have been a bit more in abundance. The most notable thing about the dough was how wonderfully fresh it tasted.

Texture 8.5

The dough was lovely and chewy but deliciously soft. It was so fresh it almost melted in your mouth. There was a good amount of spring in the dough. The icing was smooth, not grainy and with a nice crunch to the sprinkles. There was a little crunch to the outer shell of the dough. It was quite a greasy donut.



Heavenly Delight

A really fantastic donut and at such great value! The name and signage may not be to everyone's taste but the donuts surely will be.

  • Aesthetics: 6.5
  • Topping: 8.5
  • Dough: 7.5
  • Texture: 8.5

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