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May 2017
Balfours Donut from Coles

The first time I had a Balfours donut was in the Barossa around three years ago. My love of wine and adventure had brought us to the region for some wine tasting and on a glorious, sunny, winters day we found ourselves marginally lubricated with free wine and in need of some lunch. At this time I was still young in my donut years, eagerly anticipating what other circled golden nuggets of sweet, fried dough South Australia might produce. So far I hadn’t been disappointed, but oh, how quickly that changed.

The bakeries in the area were closed and with a hankering for any cheap lunch, and preferably involving donuts we elected to hit up the local supermarket. In the bakery aisle, a few Balfour donuts remained, looking slightly worse for wear and individually packaged. Peer pressured into buying one was my first mistake, taking a bite was my second and finishing it was my third. This doesn’t excuse what I am about to write; an admission of guilt, of dough-naughty guilt.

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I keep eating the Coles-Balfours-cellophane-wrapped donuts.

Three years after my traumatising experience I keep coming back for more. With a Coles around the corner, and with my weekly shop, a Balfour’s donut always finds its way into my bag. And sometimes not just one, there have been on occasion three donuts in my basket. And I should clarify, I buy them in guilt and shame, and their weekly presence is never known to my husband as I devour them in secret, like a quick hit of sugar for an addicted donut user.

So why do I keep eating them? It’s a fair question and one that I’m not entirely sure of. With the start of this blog, and by taking the time to review and savour donuts – not just scoff them down – I figured it was time to review the Coles Balfours donut – be honest with myself, you the readers and my problem.

Taking that time to “savour” it, and to review it, meant that it’s the first time I’ve electively decided not to finish a donut.

Aesthetics 3

The only positive about the aesthetics of this donut was that it looked like a donut. The donut itself was in a circle (one point) with a circle in the middle (another point), with a topping present (half a point) which contained some colour (half point).

Topping 4

The icing was sweet, which might be a given when discussing a substance primarily comprised of sugar, but I'm certain they mix in some additives which adds sweetness in high concentration. Positively it was vanilla flavoured. Another positive was there was good sprinkle coverage. However, the sprinkles themselves were stale, having gone soft with time and packaging.

Dough 3

There was not enough yeast or sugar to combat the saltiness of this dough and made the donut taste more like a plain scone made with butter. The flavour wasn't terrible just bland and more in keeping with it's baked cousins rather than it's risen and fried siblings.

Texture 1

The texture doesn't deserve my energy spent writing. Simply put the donut was dry, stale and dense. There was no spring from the dough, no crunch from the sprinkles and overwhelmingly disappointing.



Best Avoided

It was healthy for me to review this donut in the cold, hard light of day. I think the main problem was that the donut was prepackaged and stale, which negatively affected all rated areas, but I still won't go back for more.

  • Aesthetics: 3
  • Topping: 4
  • Dough: 3
  • Texture: 1

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