Sep 2018
Donut from Tasty Bakehouse, West Beach

Every week, usually midweek on a Thursday, I like to make a wee afternoon trip to a local bakery for a donut to blog about. This past week did not go to plan. The reason being work – which was unavoidable to get out of for the sake of a donut. Yet, with a whole weekend off, I knew I had two full days to seek down a donut. Who knew it would be so difficult?

I set off bright and early Saturday morning, chipper thanks to caffeine, and with the sun warming my smiling face. Two hours later, sans-donut, the smile had been wiped off. I went to four bakeries in the Western suburbs of Adelaide with not one donut to be found. Either the bakeries had decided not to open (and not changed it on their social media or websites), had not bothered to make any donuts (who even does that?), or had run out. Tired, hungry and running low on petrol, I turned home.

Tasty Bakehouse,
Burbridge Road, West Beach
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As I drove I thought to myself what a travesty it is that on a beautiful, Saturday morning there was not a donut I could find in the west of Adelaide. How hard should that be? In a country and a city that loves to coffee and brunch surely cheaper and more delicious bakery options (i.e. donuts) should be readily available? The bakeries I went to weren’t quiet either, many had patrons in queues, with sparse shelves – and not a donut to be seen. So, if you are reading this blog and know of a good Saturday morning bakery in and around Adelaide please write in and <a href="https://theholeygrail.blog/submit-a-location/">submit a location</a>, because we really would love to build our city and suburb profile.

However, thanks to Siri I managed to track down a bakery on the way home – Tasty Bakehouse – with a few donuts on their shelves. The teenager behind the counter couldn’t have cared less about customer service, seemingly a painful Saturday morning job for some independence, and stared blankly at me when I asked if the donuts were made fresh in store, just shrugging in response. As I left a large family rolled their way in stealing all the remaining donuts, so I had made it just in time. Taking the donut away to enjoy I found it was just above average, not terrible, but also not worth the two-hour hassle from that morning’s antics.

Aesthetics 6.5

The donut was oblong in shape, with thin pink icing just kissing the top of the dough. The sprinkles were few in number. A slightly above average size, it had a nice golden dough.

Topping 6

The icing was thin and therefore difficult to fully appreciate. I'm fairly certain despite the pinkness in the icing it lacked any particular flavour. The few sprinkles on top weren't very crunchy. It was dull but not offensive.

Dough 6

A very sweet and yeasty dough with the odd oily aftertaste that can come from different oils. The oily taste wasn't stale and not necessarily unpleasant, just a flavour I didn't really want incorporated in my dough. The sweetness of the dough reminded me of American bread – fake, sugary and obviously unhealthy.

Texture 7

The texture of the dough was the highlight of the donut being soft with some chew. It was a little springy but it was also dry with no crunch to the outer shell. The icing as mentioned was thin and sparse with little crunch coming from the sprinkles.



Almost Wonderful

A sweet donut all round and although it would satisfy a craving, this donut might not be one I would actively seek out.

  • Aesthetics: 6.5
  • Topping: 6
  • Dough: 6
  • Texture: 7

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