Jan 2019
Donut from Bordertown Bakery

Most of our blogs are centred around Adelaide, however, not wanting to neglect the wider of South Australia, it only seemed fitting to go and visit bakeries further afield. Whilst heading out of state to camp in Victoria, we took the opportunity to visit several bakeries on the way; first <a href="">Meningie Bakery,</a> in Coonaplyn, and then Bordertown Bakery, in Bordertown. Unsurprisingly, Bordertown is a town on the border between Adelaide and Victoria. The highway allows motorists to zoom past, but many pull over, stretch their legs and have a bite to eat. By the time we arrived in Bordertown it was lunchtime and eagerly we went to find a bakery to fill our bellies.

Bordertown is quaint and what I imagine many rural South Australian towns to be like. It had nice single-story buildings, plenty of sidewalks and shade provided periodically. We managed to find a crowded parking lot by a little stream and grassy knoll across from Morning Loaf Bakery. Planning to go to Morning Loaf for our lunch we went in the front door only to be immediately greeted by a long queue. In five minutes the queue had barely moved forward due to low staffing levels and a high volume of hunger customers. The queue was so long we couldn’t even see the glass shelves to see if they had donuts available despite my peering over heads to see. Failing, I took a breath and made my way to the front of the queue, not to queue jump, but just to look at what they had. Many weary and hungry eyes followed me as I did this, ready to protest should I have skipped to the front.

Bordertown Bakery
Bordertown Bakery,
Farquhar Street, Bordertown
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Thankfully I did look, for there were no donuts to be seen and we could have easily wasted another half an hour before realising. We had overheard some girls in the queue behind us discussing another bakery a mere couple hundred metres away and a quick Google confirmed its existence. So, off we went, in the scorching summer heat, to find a donut.

Bordertown Bakery, named after the town in which it resides, is off the main road. Aesthetically the building is not as pleasing, warm or as friendly as the Morning Loaf Bakery. But there wasn’t a queue and they still had a large range of baked goods available – including donuts. Taking a pie each, an iced coffee and a donut to share, we went back to the grassy knoll and had lunch – enjoying the shade before we hopped back in our car and pointed our noses towards Victoria.

Aesthetics 5

The donut wasn't the most attractive with little 'turds' of chocolate icing gracing its top (this was from a chocolate donut above it having melted down). The dough was very dark, looking burnt. The icing was rich dark chocolate contrasting well with the colourful sprinkles. The donut was slightly lopsided (not appreciated in the picture) with one side rising above the other.

Topping 6.5

The icing was a good dark chocolate flavour, but a flavour rather than the real deal. The sprinkles were crunchy. The icing itself was grainy rather than smooth and tasted slightly stale – like old powdered sugar.

Dough 2

The dough was not nice. It was not at all a donut flavour – with strong vibes of cinnamon and nutmeg throughout. It wasn't particularly yeasty and it tasted stale too. It was like the gingerbread biscuits your grandma loving made at Christmas, stuck in a tin, and then pulls out in June.

Texture 2

The dough was dry and dense, definitely not fresh. The icing was sticky, and as mentioned previously it was grainy as well. The only positive in the texture was that the sprinkles had some crunch and there was the slightest bit of chew from the middle of the dough.



Only For Survival

This was a donut I could barely swallow a few bites of to review. It was stale, and I'm not sure how many days old it was, but it's a good example of why you should never keep donuts around. The gingerbread flavour was odd, especially with the dark chocolate and sprinkles, and not one I personally I would want to try again. On a side note – the pies from this bakery were good!

  • Aesthetics: 5
  • Topping: 6.5
  • Dough: 2
  • Texture: 2

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