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Feb 2019
Donut from Morning Loaf Bakery, Keith

In early January my husband and I toured Victoria in our car, camping the Grampians and Great Ocean Road. The drive to Victoria also gave us the opportunity to visit many regional bakeries in SA. After over a week of Victoria, and fully sated from a continuous plethora of starchy camp food and eating out, we were headed back to Adelaide. But not wanting to miss an opportunity, we decided to stop by two bakeries on the way home. “The diet starts on Monday,” we told ourselves in justification, “with one month donut-free”. I honestly can’t think when the last time I went a whole month without a donut – it would be a challenge.

However, writing a donut blog requires this writer to have a review every week – so we donut loaded.

Morning Loaf Bakery, Keith
Morning Loaf Bakery,
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Morning Loaf Bakery in Keith is associated with Morning Loaf Bakery in Bordertown. We had tried to go to the Bordertown bakery just over a week before, but the long queues and lack of donuts hampered our effort. The Keith Bakery wasn’t as aesthetically pleasing as the Bordertown one. The bakery in Bordertown also had an appealing adjacent reserve filled with luscious green grass, leafy trees casting cool shadows and a babbling brook – but the queues in Keith were absent and seats were aplenty. The efficient server in Keith said that the donuts were brought in fresh from their other bakery on a daily basis. She packaged a huge donut, an iced coffee and a couple of pies for us to go.

Realising there wasn’t anywhere to go in Keith, especially on a day with temperatures in the high 30’s, we sat down to eat inside. The pies were steaming hot, the coffee ice cold and the donut so large that we struggled to finish it between the two of us. However, knowing that a donut hiatus was imminent we wasted none and enjoyed every bite.

Aesthetics 7.5

The donut was huge – much more than is needed for one person. The pink icing was bright, with speckles of darker pink within it. The dough was dark with a belt of lightness around its circumference. The icing dripped down the sides in large globs but none-the-less had the "Homer Simpson" appeal with bright pink icing and colourful sprinkles.

Topping 7

The icing was far too much in volume and also was incredibly thick – it was so thick we had to peel some of the icing off. The sprinkles were very slightly on the soft and stale side. The pink icing gave the illusion of being a berry flavour, but if it was it was subtle.

Dough 8

The dough was really lovely; it was yeasty and more savoury than sweet. It could have had a touch more sugar in the dough itself, but this lack of sweetness was made up for in the icing. The donut tasted delightfully fresh. There was no flavour of oil lurking in the background.

Texture 7.5

There was far too much icing which overwhelmed this donut. The donut overall tasted fresh but was a bit cold from being slightly refrigerated – which always gives donuts a bit of a harder, and therefore staler, texture. As mentioned previously the sprinkles were slightly soft and provided little crunch (likely also from refrigeration). The dough itself had a good chewy density but not much crunch.



Heavenly Delight

The donut was ginormous and looked like a kid had drawn it with lashings of pink icing and colourful sprinkles all over the place, but it was a good donut and worth pulling over for. However, next time I would try and get a donut with half the icing.

  • Aesthetics: 7.5
  • Topping: 7
  • Dough: 8
  • Texture: 7.5

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