Port Elliot

Jan 2017
Donut from Port Elliot Bakery

The start of a new year brought with it two weeks of much valued time off following a chaotic and exhausting Christmas. My husband had managed to wrangle a further week from his employers so we would get to spend some time and get away to his family’s “shack”. The “shack” was far from, more of a fancy pre-fabricated dwelling that blends well into the surrounding bush. Its borders nudge up again Deep Creek Conservation Park, providing a plethora of opportunities to hike, off-road, snorkel, get nibbled by the stray shark, play board games and watch kangaroos bound past your kitchen window. The drive down from Adelaide is also very tolerable with a bakery halfway providing, amongst other delicacies, donuts. However, this particular time we remained in control of our lips and wallets and a review of that particular bakery will wait until another trip.

As much as Deep Creek had to offer we had recently gotten into riding bikes and unfortunately smooth, flat paths were not in the pamphlet of activities for the area. Breaking down the bikes and shoving them into the back of the station wagon we set off about 45 minutes down the road to Victor Harbour where we had heard of a coastal bike path, which went a fair distance and wasn’t too bothered by traffic. A novice at riding even a couple kilometres exhausted me and anything more than an anthill was taxing, but we managed fine meandering along the bike paths and quiet neighbourhoods from Victor to Middleton. From our watches we knew that a well-deserved lunch break was due and so broke from the path in Port Elliot in search of its bakery. It was hard not to miss with a queue of eager holidaymakers in wetsuits lined down the block promising either excellent goods or a lack of anywhere else in the vicinity to buy food from.

Port Elliot Bakery
Port Elliot Bakery,
Port Elliot
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The former proved true as we tucked into some pies on a neglected veranda, a small line of ants making use of my dropped bits of potato and in turn the few stray sprinkles I let drop from the donut which followed. Baked fresh on the premises I could understand the queue and had it not taken another 20 minutes to get through the door I would’ve gone back in for seconds.

Aesthetics 8

The donut in my hand was clearly homemade, a charming effect that whilst being in the shape of a ring still had some thickness irregularities. The donut was topped with a spread of chocolate icing and sprinkles. It wasn’t the prettiest donut, but it had all the founding parts of a good donut shape with a creative flourish and homemade appeal.

Topping 6.5

The sprinkles were in good proportion. The sprinkles themselves were fresh, not stale. It was topped with chocolate icing, which sadly was (even for icing) incredibly sweet. The major let down for the topping was the “chocolate” flavour of the icing. It interests me that a baker, or any cook, can make a beautiful dessert or baked item and then inject on top cooking chocolate from a squeezy bottle or block promising “100% chocolate flavour” - keyword being flavour. It tastes cheap and no matter what the packet promised it doesn’t convincingly taste like chocolate. You know what does taste like chocolate? Chocolate! Good quality chocolate or cocoa powder would have rocketed this donut topping to a 9/10.

Dough 9

Altogether an excellent dough. I am a big fan of a slightly yeastier dough and this donut was fabulous in its balance of yeast and sugar and wasn't bland. It wasn't sickly sweet either, that you find commonly in white carbohydrates. The dough could have had a touch more salt but still tasted excellent and fresh.

Texture 9

A high mark which reflects the wonderfully soft and light dough, well fried to produce a slightly crisp shell. The donut was cooked through to near perfection without being too dense or airy. The icing was a good consistency, perhaps a tad on the runny side, and topped with fresh sprinkles to add an extra bit of crunch.



Heavenly Delight

A wonderful donut. Given the popularity of the spot it’s no hidden gem but still deserves high praise for the goods it produces.

  • Aesthetics: 8
  • Topping: 6.5
  • Dough: 9
  • Texture: 9

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