The Little
Red Grape

Apr 2020
Donut from The Little Red Grape Bakery, Sevenhill

I can’t stop singing South Australia’s praises. It’s a beautiful state, filled with wonderful people, delicious food, culture, variety and the best wine you’ll ever drink. In four years, squeezed into my days off, I’ve managed to see bits and pieces of SA – but not nearly as much as I would like. I can’t wait to hike the Flinders Ranges, camp in Innes National Park and explore the beaches on Eyre Peninsula. I look forward to ferrying across to Kangaroo Island and exploring the underground mines of Coober Pedy. Naturally, one of my greatest wishes is to eat a donut from every bakery in this fantastic state.

One of my bucket list destinations was Clare. Nestled in a valley this wine-making haven is home to one of my favourite wines – Reisling. So, at the start of February, we found ourselves on the road heading north towards Clare. In one hand I held a lengthy list of vineyards to attend, in the other a list of restaurants not to miss.

The Little Red Grape Bakery, Sevenhill
The Little Red Grape,
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Clare Valley was charming. The Reisling trail exceeded expectations and left our legs weak, the delicious restaurants left our bellies full. The wine was superb and leaving Clare we had a much heavier car, plus much emptier wallets.

At the end of our stay, on our way out of town, it occurred to me that we had yet to review a donut. To travel all this way, and not have a blog to show for it, would be a crime. So, a quick Google led us to the nearest bakery, right on our way home.

The Little Red Grape Bakery is situated adjacent to the main road. At 10AM it was pleasantly busy, with people sitting out on its deck enjoying the fresh air. The staff were polite, the shelves well stocked. From signage there appeared to be a cellar door adjacent, a dangerously delicious combination. The donut didn’t disappoint and although we shared it between two, I would have happily had more.

Yes, Clare, like so many places in the magical state of South Australia, is a wonderful secret – full of surprising delights. I can’t wait to return.

Aesthetics 6.5

This was a generously sized donut that was top-heavy and lopsided. A dark golden ring of dough provided the base and crowded on top was a thick layer of dark chocolate icing and colourful, large sprinkle strands.

Topping 8

The icing was the popular chocolate flavour which seems to be a staple in Australian bakeries. Although I still consider it a poor alternative to real chocolate, it is growing on me. The icing was sweet, thick and sticky. The huge sprinkles on top were fresh, crunchy and added great texture.

Dough 8

The dough both smelled and tasted yeasty, reminding me of old beer or whisky hops – not at all in a bad way! The flavour was nice, but a negative was that the yeast unpleasantly stuck around the mouth, like a filmy layer, long after the dough was swallowed. Overall, the flavour of the dough was more savoury and salty than sweet but considering the sweetness of the topping, it balanced really well.

Texture 9

I loved this donut’s texture. The donut was fresh, with chewy dough that sprang back on every bite. It was dense, and I enjoy a bready donut, but it’s not for everyone. The icing was smooth but also a bit on the thick side. The fresh sprinkles on top were the additional crunch this donut needed.



Heavenly Delight

A lovely donut in a lovely location. Fresh, with a good overall balance of flavours. Generous portion, suitable to share, or enjoy on your own in order to line the stomach prior to a day of wine tasting.

  • Aesthetics: 6.5
  • Topping: 8
  • Dough: 8
  • Texture: 9

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