Sep 2020
Donut from Jenny's Bakery, Eastwood

Jenny’s Bakery has been on my radar for years and I’ve frequented the bakery on multiple occasions in an attempt to review their donuts. Unfortunately, every time I’ve gone, there’s been no suitable donut for this blog. There is always a display case stuffed full of fancy cronuts and zeppoles, but no plain and simple donut with a hole punched out of its middle, icing dribbled over its rotund figure and some sort of garnish on top.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. The name “Jenny’s Gourmet Bakery” doesn’t lend itself to your standard bakery fare. This is the sort of bakery where you find flakey crusts stuffed with rosemary, halloumi and rocket – not an undifferentiated glob of congealed gravy and meat tucked into a pastry. At Jenny’s, you’ll find delicately crafted Italian donuts from a recipe passed down generations, not your standard pink and sprinkled deep-fried creation.

Jenny's Bakery, Eastwood
Jenny’s Bakery,
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But I’ve been following the bakery on its social media channels and I started to notice an increase in donuts which met our criteria. Still, every time I went in they had sold out; it seemed doubtful I would ever get to review them.

Finally, one day, I lucked out. As we waited in the queue I noticed that in the donut display were simple, pink-frosted donuts. Finally!

The donut, as you’ll see, was close to being excellent but it was let down by its topping. So many bakeries seem to stumble at this last hurdle, and very few seem to get it right. As for the bakery itself, I was there for the donut, but it was hard not to be tempted by the beautiful array of baked goods they had on offer. Irrespective of if you’re a donut fan, the bakery is definitely worth a visit.

Aesthetics 7

It is difficult to encapsulate the character of this donut in a picture, but in person, the best way to describe the donut is that it looked like a double-decker bus celebrating mardi-gras. The icing was shockingly pink, the sprinkles colourful but not particularly generous. The dough was a golden brown and tall in its height, slim in its diameter.

Topping 3

All the icing fell off, thankfully, for it was not a nice icing to taste. It was too dry and thick. You could smell the fake berry flavour a mile off and the taste was overpowering. The only redeeming quality of this topping was what few sprinkles there were, were at least crunchy.

Dough 8.5

The dough wasn't too yeasty, salty or sweet – it was just right. It was different from your standard donut dough, more like sourdough, but the uniqueness was exciting and delicious.

Texture 6

The icing was dry and powdery, falling apart and off the donut (and thankfully saving me from having to persist with it). The dough was spongy and fresh with crunchy outer layer – on its own the dough's texture would have been up towards a 9.



Almost Wonderful

The dough was fantastic and unique, but the icing was horrible. Thankfully, most of the icing fell off in dry clumps so I could eat the dough on its own. None-the-less, the donut was let down by the icing so it gets an average, overall mark.

  • Aesthetics: 7
  • Topping: 3
  • Dough: 8.5
  • Texture: 6

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