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Jun 2018
Donut from Bakehouse on Magill

Imagine, just imagine, donuts. Put down your phone, close your eyes and picture this: you walk towards a bakery – it’s early in the morning, the crisp autumn air catching your breath as you make your way towards the front door. The door swings open with a rush of warm air, carrying with it the smell of dough rising, yeast and sugar intermingling. Enveloped in warmth and taste buds yearning, you walk in. Ahead of you is a cabinet, rows upon rows of freshly baked goods, and through the haze of deliciousness you pick up the sound of coffee grinding, steam rushing. You choose your donut off the shelf, handed to you in a little paper bag, still slightly warm from the fryer. The smell of fresh dough escapes as you carefully remove the donut from its holder and bring your sweet prize to your lips.

There is something undeniably nostalgic and wonderful about the bakery experience. For me it revolves around donuts, for others, it may be finger buns, and for some, it may be pies – yet the bakery experience here in South Australia is something we can all relate to. The blog was conceived from a place of great donut love, but as I’ve been visiting bakeries I’ve come to also love the story that’s behind them: the baker who creates them, the waiters who serve them and the locals who consume them.

Bakehouse on Magill
Bakehouse on Magill,
Magill Road, Magill
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Good bakeries don’t just spring into existence and a phenomenal donut isn’t just made out of thin air. A dream of a child or the talent in a youth starts the process, but it’s not until years down the line of hard work and savings that the dream becomes a reality.  It takes years for the craftsmanship to be honed. Not many other jobs would have you up at 3 or 4 AM every day, working hard in a hot environment and turning out a wide range of fresh goods for the early rising customers – yet these bakers do it. It takes dedication to reach success.

The Bakehouse on Magill is one such dream. The owner has worked in the business since he was a teen, working his way from one bakery to the next, constantly creating and always improving. It’s not just a personal business, but one his whole family has come around. I had the joy of trying some of their donuts one cold, autumn morning. Generously eight donuts were provided, which even for me would be a challenge in one sitting. The toppings varied from the standard sprinkles to M&M’s to Cookies n’ Cream, there was even a Nutella Heart thrown in for good measure. Picking the donut to review was the hardest part but the eating became pure joy. I can’t speak for all of the goods, but if the donuts are any reflection of what is available – then what a treasure this bakehouse is for Adelaide.

Aesthetics 8.5

The donut was large, with a wonderfully thick diameter. The dough was perfectly golden, with a caramel-coloured glaze gracing its top. The Oreo pieces were scattered around generously. The smell was overwhelmingly phenomenal.

Topping 8

The icing was thick and smooth. It tasted of caramel, well balanced and not overpowering. The Oreos were plentiful in portion, fresh, crunchy, and bringing that delightful taste of dark cocoa.

Dough 9

The dough was wonderful and clearly fresh. It was yeasty and full of flavour with the perfect balance of savoury and sweet.

Texture 9.5

The dough was perfect in texture. It was perfect in its density, allowing a bit of chew, but melting in your mouth at the same time. The dough had a crunchy shell to its outer surface, which tastes so wonderfully fresh. The icing was smooth and a great texture with an additional good texture from the crushed, fresh, Oreos on top.



Truly Glorious

These donuts were absolutely wonderful. Huge portions, great selection and highly rated in every aspect, it's not one to miss!

  • Aesthetics: 8.5
  • Topping: 8
  • Dough: 9
  • Texture: 9.5

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