Dec 2018
Donut from Leabrook Bakehouse and Patisserie

Nestled within the leafy district of Leabrook, in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide, this gem of a bakery-meets-patisserie is well worth the visit. The owner and chief baker is a Barossa born-and-bred woman, who has combined her art in baking with a passion for quality local goods to create a bakehouse worth talking about. With everything made fresh in store, and an abundance of baked goods stocked in aesthetically pleasing arrangements, it’s hard to know where to begin.

On the afternoon I went it was relatively quiet, a few well-heeled patrons sat in the smattering of seats provided. What can only be described as a transcendent baking vision greeted me as I walked through the front door. Of course, there were donuts – the purpose of my trip – but there was so much more; from a sweet and salty feta and pumpkin quiche (that I know from experience melts on your lips), to a full host of delectable tarts. Salted caramel and pecan tarts graced one tray whilst a seasonal fruit “frangi” was showcased on another. I don’t even know what a frangi is, but oh-me-oh-my did it look gloriously fine! Baskets of flakey, golden croissants peered down from the top shelves, and thick-sliced sandwiches – generously filled with Barossan-cured meats, local vegetables and creamy cheeses – turned simplicity into fine dining.

Leabrook Bakehouse and Patisserie
Leabrook Bakehouse,
Glynburn Road, Leabrook
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Pulling myself away from those flavourful memories we move back to the purpose of this blog. The donuts from this establishment were understated and delicious. The baker no doubt has the talent and skills to take donuts to a new level. However, she also has the wisdom to leave the donut in its simplicity – a restraint that brings the donut to near perfection.

We had two types of donuts from Leabrook. The first, a chocolate topped, is rated below having fulfilled the blog criteria – but the second, a salted caramel donut, triumphed. The flavour and texture of the icing was perfection, balancing so well with the perfect, fried dough. Golden swirls tempted us into a vortex of salted caramel, it was hard when the last taste left our lips.

So, whether you are a donut enthusiast or a croissant connoisseur – I know Leabrook Bakehouse and Patisserie will exceed your expectations. Without a doubt, I believe we will be seeing big things from this establishment and we are excited for what a delicious future that might be.

Aesthetics 8

The icing appeared to be real, creamy chocolate topped with light chocolate flakes. Both sitting on a golden dough. Slightly irregular border and oblong in shape, overall it was a good size.

Topping 8.5

The icing tasted more authentic as chocolate icings go. It was smooth and silky, albeit a little sticky and runny underneath. The flakes were a lovely addition and tasted fresh.

Dough 9.5

The dough was fresh and yeasty, with just the right amount of sweetness to salt. You could taste the oil it was fried in, just like a donut from a carnival or fair, making it even more appealing in flavour.

Texture 8.5

The dough had a pleasant chewy density with an outer crunchy shell and was clearly fresh but unfortunately was chilled from over-refrigeration. The icing was quite sticky but smooth in texture. It would have been great if the icing was more fluffy, but that's perhaps nit-picking!



Truly Glorious

If I could eat my way through this entire patisserie – I surely would, but this donut alone makes the trip worthwhile. A delightful donut where you can taste the baker's craft, effort and passion.

  • Aesthetics: 8
  • Topping: 8.5
  • Dough: 9.5
  • Texture: 8.5

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