Oct 2019
Donut from Heidi's Bakery, Modbury North

After a long donut hiatus, I finally picked up my pencil and got back into the grind of blogging. Over the past few months, I  have experienced what paid writers call “writer’s block”. Although my muse in donuts existed, I could not find the energy or motivation to write. Turns out, all it took was sitting down and typing again. So, here we find ourselves.

I tried this particular donut a few months ago, around the end of June. I took the opportunity of going and visiting a friend up in the northern suburbs of Adelaide to hit up a few bakeries for the blog. Stopping at two bakeries en route I grabbed enough donuts to feed an army and supply our coffee-fuelled chat for a few hours.

Heidi's Bakery, Modbury North
Heidi’s Bakery,
Montague Road, Modbury
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Heidi’s bakery in Clover Crest Village looks like your standard shopping centre bakery. Externally it is lacking any kind of pleasing aesthetics, so doesn’t exactly draw you in. Despite this, there was queue lined up – indicating that despite looking a bit worse for wear it surpassed expectations. As I drew up to the front of the line I noted the cabinets were nearly stripped bare, and it was not even 10am. There sat a few chocolate-topped donuts but not much else.

Needing a sprinkle topped donut, and not wanting to have to make the trip up again, I asked the woman serving if they had a spare sprinkle donut around the back. She shouted back to the baker and he confirmed – he was just putting the finishing touches to a batch right now – <em>come back in 10</em>.

I meandered around Foodland and on my return to the bakery, the shelves had filled up considerably. There was even an entire cabinet dedicated to donuts. Taking 3 to go I headed to my friends, the smell of fresh donuts filling my car – they don’t get much fresher than that.

Aesthetics 6

Like the shop, the aesthetics didn't win me over. The dough was quite a yellow colour, with patchy icing that dripped down the sides.

Topping 8

The topping was your standard vanilla flavour. It was thin but pleasant and not too overwhelming. There were plenty of crunchy, fresh sprinkles scattered on top.

Dough 8.5

The dough was delicious: fresh and yeasty. It was a sweeter-based dough than some donuts, but there was still a good balance of salt. The dough was oily in a pleasant way where you could taste it had just been freshly fried.

Texture 9

There is nothing like a freshly fried donut. The dough was a light texture, but with a good chewiness in the centre. The soft middle was covered with a delicious, crunchy outer shell. The sprinkles were fresh and crunchy. Only draw-back was that the icing was thin and dough quite greasy on the fingers.



Heavenly Delight

There's something to be said about a fresh donut, you just can't beat it in texture and flavour. This was a great donut, helped by its freshness. Guess you can't judge a donut or bakery by its cover.

  • Aesthetics: 6
  • Topping: 8
  • Dough: 8.5
  • Texture: 9

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