May 2018
Donut from Salisbury Bakery

If you Google “Salisbury Bakery” the first thing you notice is the highly rated reviews, and with closer inspection, these reviews seem to focus on their donut range. Excited to try from a bakery in which even the critics of Google had high praises, I went early one Sunday morning before a shift. Open for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, they cater to the early risers and have a constant team of bakers in the back. As you walk through the hanging, thick sheets of plastic, your eye is drawn to the rows of sweets and baked goods lining the shelves. A huge portion of the shelves is dedicated to the donuts, where they sit glistening in their fried glory, of all different shapes and sizes.

Not knowing where to begin, I asked for a bag of donut-holes. These are small, bite-sized pieces of dough, heavily glazed, and originating from the dough taken from the centre of a donut. I’m aware donut-holes don’t meet the blog criteria, but for me, they hold a special place in my heart. Their presence brought back fond childhood memories, which have been foundational in my love of donuts and this blog. I haven’t had a donut-hole since we left America, over 13 years ago, and so it was an opportunity not to be missed.

Salisbury Bakery,
John Street, Salisbury
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The smell, as I opened the little paper bag, was of fresh dough mixing with the sweet icing. It brought about a sigh of content and a rush of nostalgia. The first bite was simply phenomenal; the dough, still slightly warm, melted in my mouth. The donut-holes were crunchy on the outside, sweet and light in the middle and the entire bag was easily consumed; popping one after another into my mouth as I drove to work early that Sunday morning.

Sometimes, when good news happens you can’t wait to shout about it. When I got into university, became a Christian, got engaged, and then got married, the entire of Facebook and all my close friends and family were well aware of the developments. The same occurred with these donuts, I couldn’t stop talking about them! My colleagues, my friends and even those abroad knew about these donuts. I returned multiple times within the week and month, and it wasn’t until over a month after my initial visit that I finally decided it was time to review.

So early on a brisk May morning, I turned towards the quaint shopping district I had come to know quite well. I walked into the bakery and as is usual (even first thing in the morning) had to wait in a small queue. The woman at the counter was friendly and efficient, a huge smile brightening up her face as she served each customer – and frequently knowing their orders before they’d even asked. In the back a small army of men and woman were busy preparing for the day, sliding new trays of fresh donuts and other goodies into the well-lit shelves. The air was warm and filled with the smell of fresh dough. A bag of donut-holes and a single, chocolate-sprinkle donut later I was back in the car, knowing without a doubt that I would return.

Aesthetics 7

The donut was an average size, but missing the hole in the middle, resembling an empty berliner. It was, impressively, perfectly round. The icing didn't fully cover the donut in parts but had an abundance of fresh and colourful sprinkles on top. The dough itself was a delightful golden colour.

Topping 8

The icing was the chocolate “flavour” that I can tolerate, but not too sweet as sometimes these flavoured icings can be. The icing was beautifully smooth and despite not completing the diameter of the donut, was still perfectly thick. The sprinkles were fresh and crunchy.

Dough 10

This is the Holey Grail of doughs! It begins with the smell; fresh, sweet, yeasty tingling your olfactory nerve and promising goodness within. Then the flavour hits you with yeast, salt and sugar intertwined and complementing one another as it melts in your mouth.

Texture 9

This dough had the perfect density. As you bite in, the density gave way to lightness, with the dough being slightly chewy and then springing back with every mouthful. The dough was buttery, light, fresh and topped with smooth icing and crunchy sprinkles. The only thing not elevating this donut texture to a 10 was that the dough could have had slightly more crunch to the outer shell and the icing could have been a bit fluffier.



Truly Glorious

Simply put I love this donut; it's hard not too. It's fresh, it's homemade and it's near perfect. It brings about nostalgia and encompasses what a good donut and bakery should be. It's worth the detour and guaranteed to bring you joy.

  • Aesthetics: 7
  • Topping: 8
  • Dough: 10
  • Texture: 9

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