Baker Boys

Oct 2018
Donut from Fabulous Baker Boys

One day, a few weeks ago, I dedicated a portion of my time driving out into some of the northern suburbs to eat donuts. Having verbally instructed my sat nav to go to ‘Ingle Farm Shopping Center’ the useless application took me on a detour of suburbs and shopping districts kilometres away from the intended destination. Finally thinking I had hit the right shopping district I turned into a small, quaint parking lot with a bakery ahead of me. The bakery sat in the midst of the shops, surrounded by shrubs and vines. It looked pleasant, pretty and quiet during a weekday lunchtime. Initially pleased that I had finally arrived at the right destination I quickly realised that, once again, I had been led astray and was at the completely wrong bakery to the one I’d been seeking. However, not wanting to miss an opportunity and with the sun gloriously shining, making me feel optimistic, I headed inside.

Fabulous Baker Boys is an interesting and strangely appealing name for a bakery. I half expected to see a group of good ol’ boys smoking cigarettes and playing cards on the veranda, meat pies in hand and a piano playing in the background. However, the only customers there on this warm day were an older couple silently staring contemplatively into space. At a stab, the name might come from the famous movie (which I’ve never seen) and makes me wonder if the owners are either huge Michelle Pfeiffer fans or brothers who used to perform gigs together. It may remain a mystery.

Fabulous Baker Boys, Pooraka
Fabulous Baker Boys,
Montague Road, Pooraka
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The shelves were on the empty side of full when I arrived, clearly I had missed the lunchtime rush, but a handful of donuts remained. The friendly server assured me all donuts were made fresh in store. Taking a couple donuts to go I headed out again – only to realise I was closer to my original destination than initially thought – but thankfully there is no such thing as a wasted donut!

Aesthetics 7

The dough was a dark brown, with a wide diameter and large hole. Overall, it was a generously sized donut, just looking a bit too overdone. The icing was the darkest brown I'd seen contrasting well with colourful sprinkle strands across half.

Topping 7

The icing was a nice, dark chocolate - not at all too fake in flavour as some chocolate icings can be. It was on the thin side. The crunch from the fresh sprinkles across half the icing added to the texture.

Dough 5.5

The dough was very yeasty, too yeasty, and it left the yeasty taste stinging on the palate. The dough was not very sweet and tasted like the oil it was fried in.

Texture 6

The dough was a bit dry, with little chew and did not taste the freshest. The icing was too thin but the sprinkles crunchy. It did leave an oily feel on the palate.



Almost Wonderful

A dark chocolate donut with an oily palate and lingering yeasty taste - hitting off the mark for this customer.

  • Aesthetics: 7
  • Topping: 7
  • Dough: 5.5
  • Texture: 6

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