Feb 2019
Donut from Bake Bakery, Seacliff Park

Bake Bakery is an interesting name for a business. I’m not a PR mongrel but I feel that the word ‘bakery’ implies that they do in fact ‘bake’ – with this name just stressing the point. However, it’s catchy and a name I have found easy to remember.

I was headed to the beach with our new pup one Tuesday morning when I saw the sign as I drove past. Recognising the name I swerved (safely) over. I had their sister bakery in Coromandel Valley on my blog list for approximately a year but not ever being in that direction I had yet to go. Delightfully surprised that I didn’t have to travel too far, I hopped out of my car leaving a very eager dog in the back seat.

Bake Bakery, Seacliff Park
Bake Bakery,
Seacombe Road, Seacliff Park
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Walking through the front door the first thing to catch my eye were dozens of delicious, beautiful and scrumptious smelling loaves of fresh bread. Quickly my gaze was redirected at the cabinet to my left where rows on rows of different donuts sat. They had your standard donuts, they had filled, they had gourmet donuts, they had small donuts and they had big donuts – they had many flavours from chocolate to coffee to mint. The prices varied too from non-gourmet donuts sitting around $3.80 to gourmet sitting at $5. The exceedingly friendly lady behind the counter said that a lot of their donuts were also vegan – which seems to be an ongoing trend. As I’ve alluded to in other posts I can’t think what would make a donut un-vegan but it’s always worth asking.

The friendly server seemed pleased I had taken such an interest in their donuts and said that if I thought this display was impressive I should check out their Coromandel Valley store – I find it hard to believe another place has even more of a selection! It was difficult enough to choose what was in front of me. Eventually, I settled for a gourmet chocolate donut topped with Oreos (I’m a sucker for Oreos) and a coffee donut topped with chocolate sprinkle strands. The Oreo donut was loved and rated for the blog, as you can see, but the coffee donut (which was the cheaper of the two) was disappointingly stale – especially within the flavour and texture of the icing. It was really hit and miss.

When I brought the donuts back to the car a few minutes later a little head popped over the top of the seat, little soft ears cocked and nose twitching. He could smell the donuts and indeed their smell filled the car with their tempting, sweet, fried and yeasty aroma.

Aesthetics 8

The donut was a good size with glossy, dark icing on top of a golden dough. The Oreos were placed unequally around the diameter of the icing. The donut appeared delicious and tempting and was the first to catch my eye. The diameter of the donut was slightly unequal.

Topping 7

The icing had that chocolate flavour taste to it but wasn't too bad as flavours go. The Oreos were fresh but meagre and I would advocate that one can never have too many Oreos as a topping (especially for $5). The icing was very thin and a bit runny.

Dough 8

I really liked the dough, although my husband might disagree. The dough managed to be yeasty yet buttery - almost like a croissant. The buttery flavour brought out by a good balance of salt. It could have been a tad sweeter. You could taste the oil on the dough. Overall I found the dough to be fresh in taste.

Texture 6

The dough was so chewy and dense it seemed almost moist. In regards to the texture, my husband commented "it's a workout to masticate" – which sums it up well. The icing was too thin but the Oreos added some good crunch. The outer dough shell had some crunch but also left oil on the fingers.



Worthy Contender

I loved the donut range in this little bakery – and I thought the Oreo donut was right up my alley! A bit pricey at $5 considering it was practically the same size as the non-gourmet ones – but I guess the difference is what you pay for five mini oreos.

  • Aesthetics: 8
  • Topping: 7
  • Dough: 8
  • Texture: 6

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