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Mar 2020
Donut from The Perfect Blend Bakery

In South Australia you don’t have to search hard to stumble upon a bakery. Wander into any shopping centre and there will likely be a bakery wafting yeasty smells in your direction. Go for a journey and there is bound to be a sign saying “Bakery Open” along your way. Then there are the little cafes which also sell bakery goods from larger suppliers. I’m not referring to the avocado-brioche-and-almond-chai-latte kind of cafes; I refer to the normal, everyday, tradies-stopping-in-for-a-sanga kind of cafes – those with an instant coffee machine and Formica tables.

The Perfect Blend is one of these. On a Thursday lunchtime, the cafe was heaving. It sits on the edge of a parking lot, adjacent to a Big W and Woolworths. The attendees to the cafe included a range of patrons from tradies to old ladies, to young parents trying to reign in their children.

The Perfect Blend Bakery, Cumberland Park
The Perfect Blend,
Cumberland Park
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Heading up to the counter I noted one donut remaining, a couple of pies in a warmer and a selection of salads and meats for sandwiches. Clearly, the cafe didn’t make their own donuts or baked goods, so as the serving lady bagged the donut I asked where their goods came from.

“Krompass Bakery”, she said with confidence,  spelling it out for me.

Now, I have come home and in vain I have tried to seek out this elusive “Krompass” bakery. As far as I can tell it doesn’t exist. I thought perhaps she meant Kyton’s Bakery (well known for their Lamingtons) – but a look on their website indicates they don’t do donuts. I’ve looked high and low for bakeries in Adelaide beginning with K and even those beginning with C, and none seem to fit.

So, it’s a mystery where this particular donut originated. However, should you wish, you can find them at The Perfect Blend Cafe, on the corner of Goodwood and Cross Road.

<em>Edit: Clearly, this blogger did not look hard enough online to find the original donut baker! Within hours of posting the blog I had several reliable sources inform me it was Kronpuss Cakes rather than Krompass. Very close, I don’t know how I missed it in my Google search! Thanks to our valued readers for the information. – THG</em>

Aesthetics 6

The donut was a standard size and didn't smell yeasty, more sickly sweet. The dough was yellow rather than golden, topped with pink, patchy icing. The icing dribbled unattractively down the sides and was graced with some slightly dulled sugar strands.

Topping 4

Initially, I thought the icing was unflavoured it was so bland. Then a few nibbles in I realised there was a berry hint. The icing was very sticky, thin and runny. The sprinkles were plentiful, crunchy and thankfully did not taste stale.

Dough 3

Similar to the icing the dough was on the bland side. Sadly, it didn't have a particularly yeasty taste. Instead, it was powdery and tasted similar to the flavour you might get if you ate a spoonful of flour. But the most noticeable and unpleasant part of this dough was the aftertaste. It tasted odd and stale, tingling on the palate in a way I've never experienced and don't necessarily want to again.

Texture 4

The dough was dry, dense and powdery contrasting the icing which was runny and sticky. The dough lacked any type of chew, sticking to the palate in an unpleasant way. The sprinkles brought a crunchy relief.



Only For Survival

There was a distinct lack of excitement to this donut – eating it came from obligation rather than joy. In summary, I wouldn't go out of my way to get this donut, I would even actively try and avoid it – but sometimes the necessity to eat a donut overrides one's convictions.

  • Aesthetics: 6
  • Topping: 4
  • Dough: 3
  • Texture: 4

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