Jul 2018
Donut from Goodwood Bakehouse

Goodwood Bakehouse sits on a pretty stretch of retail shops along Goodwood Road. Little butchers, pleasant coffee shops and high-end cellars abut a busy road perforated by a tram line. It’s a charming area of Adelaide, with its proximity to town making the area all the more attractive. Across from the bakery sits a bright school, with arts and crafts cheerfully displayed on its fence border and the sound of happy children filling the air over the lunch break. We have been known to drink coffee and play cards in one of the cafes around the corner, especially in the finer months, but had never been to the Bakehouse.

I had finished early one afternoon, sans lunch and breakfast. Driving straight to the bakery from work I arrived in a famished state. Barely dragging myself over the imaginary finish line of the bakeries stoop, I was aghast to find a small queue forming ahead of me. Appraising the options before me I noted the large donuts, sitting front and centre on the bakery shelves, and your usual selection of bakery goods to the sides. The smell that drew my attention was that of sweet, smokey meat, wafting to my right. Lo and behold, there were Vietnamese rolls on offer! How could I resist? Vietnamese rolls are a new experience for me, only having been introduced to them when we moved to Australia nearly two years ago. How I managed to make it through over a quarter-century of life without having tried, or even heard of, these rolls is beyond me – for I am now completely in love. Not as much as donuts, but it’s not far off a close second.

Goodwood Bakehouse
Goodwood Bakehouse,
Goodwood Road, Goodwood
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I was in such a hunger I completely forgot to take a picture of either the bakery or the donut for our blog, and so had to return another day. But I heeded not as I grabbed my large sprinkle donut, and chicken Vietnamese roll to go. Sitting in the car I devoured the roll nearly in one bite – and it was phenomenal. The chicken was sweet, slightly spicy and succulent. The roll soft and crunchy in all the right places. The carrot, chilli and cucumber adding perfect crunch and harmony. By far one of the best Vietnamese rolls I’ve had in Adelaide to date. They’re so good that I’ve clearly gone off topic of the donut itself, so I return for the ratings below.

Aesthetics 5.5

The photo of the donut we have flatters its appearance for it was, in reality, an oddly flat donut almost as if it had been squeezed down and spread out. It was topped with plenty of sprinkles and vanilla icing. The dough itself was dark in appearance, almost as if it had a little bit too much time in the frier.

Topping 6

The icing was pleasantly plain, or vanilla, in taste but very thin in proportion. What was present of the icing was smooth, but overcome with the taste of fresh sprinkles on top. Not a bad topping, but would have been nice to have a bit more icing abundance and fluffiness.

Dough 6.5

The dough tasted like the donuts you get at the showgrounds (Australians, or 'fairgrounds' for the Yanks). It was sweet but noticeably tasted of the oil it was fried in, leaving an oily aftertaste on the palate. There was some yeastiness to the dough but overcome by the taste of sugar and oil.

Texture 8

The texture was the best thing about this donut and was a pleasant experience to chew. With crunchy sprinkles and good density to the dough, it tasted fresh. The shell of the donut had a slight crunch to it, with a soft centre.



Almost Wonderful

The texture and dough had that showground donut feel, but was let down by the taste of oil and thin layer or icing.

  • Aesthetics: 5.5
  • Topping: 6
  • Dough: 6.5
  • Texture: 8

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