Orange Spot

May 2018
Donut from Orange Spot Bakery

As winter rumbles around the corner it’s harder and harder to motivate ourselves to get out the door. This particular Monday was chilly, with clouds overhead and the smell in the air promising rain. However, copious amounts of donuts had been consumed within the previous 48 hours and I’d begun to feel as rotund as my muse, so needed to get out.

We took our bikes along the tramline towards Glenelg, pushing against the wind with aching thigh muscles. The wind got colder and stronger the closer we got to the coastline, nipping in our ears and catching our breath. We arrived in Glenelg out of breath and around lunchtime, hungry and ready for another treat.

Orange Spot Bakery, Glenelg
Orange Spot Bakery,
Anzac Highway, Glenelg
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Glenelg revolves mainly along the seafront and main street of Jetty Road. No matter what time I’ve been it has been thriving, with different generations filling its sidewalks and filling Glenelg’s many eateries. The pigeons have gotten chubby and lazy, filled with many chips thrown on the ground, and getting in everyone’s way. Glenelg has a certain charm but is threatened by an overriding, cheesy, tourist-based sea-side theme.

Orange Spot Bakery, in Glenelg, sits away off the main drag – yet for lunchtime on a Monday was doing a busy trade. Filled more with sedate, older locals meeting over a coffee, than eager tourists snap chatting their every bite – it felt more like a small town bakery which was refreshing in such a hub of Glenelg.

The decor was old style, warm and cozy. The glass shelves displayed goods proudly and in great quantity. The donuts were to our left as we queued,  large in size and looking deliciously tempting. The clear pride and joy of the bakery were its pies and pasties, with an impressive range of trophies lining its back walls and even spilling over to the front counters. No matter where you looked inside or out you were greeted with a written reminder of the number of awards the bakery had accumulated over many years.

Taking our donuts and a delectable shiraz, beef and caramelised onion pie to share we sat outside in the cold damp, nearly inhaling these baked goods. Happy, warmed and full once more we headed home and in no doubt that should we be in want of bakery in Glenelg, we now knew where to go.

Aesthetics 7

The donut was a good size, with a thick body. The dough was the colour of dark caramel, perhaps looking a touch overdone. The topping was chocolate, dribbling down the sides and clearly sticky with a smattering of sprinkles on top.

Topping 7

The icing was chocolate in taste, but minimal – perhaps as it had all dripped down the sides and transferred on to my fingers. The icing was smooth in texture although could have been thicker. The sprinkles were meagre in portion, but fresh.

Dough 8

The dough was good, it had a lovely and subtle cinnamon taste to it (Note: maybe this was due to transfer from the neighbouring donuts on the shelf). The dough was yeasty and you could taste the oil it was fried in, which thankfully was fresh. It was a sweeter dough and overall very nice.

Texture 7.5

The texture of the dough was springy as you ate and with the right amount of chewiness in the dough. However, the outer dough shell had no crunch and was almost a bit soggy. The topping was as mentioned sticky but the icing smooth and its few sprinkles crunchy.



Worthy Contender

With award-winning pies and pasties lining their shelves, the standard was set high and fulfilled by a good donut. Fresh, delicious and messy – this is a bakery not to miss.

  • Aesthetics: 7
  • Topping: 7
  • Dough: 8
  • Texture: 7.5

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