Vale Bakery

Jan 2017
Donut from McLaren Vale Bakery

McLaren Vale is an enchanting place. Rolling hills, lengthy vineyards and groves of native trees blend with old Australian stone homes and long, cool verandas with the odd boisterous wine taster. Vineyards crowd together in perfect rows, ending at gravel drives up to winery centres. It’s a beautiful meld of old and new; ancient vines, crumbling, delightful stone cottages, and cool interiors with modern comforts and an abundance of beautifully crafted and world famous wines. Unfortunately, that beauty halts as you enter the main shopping area of McLaren Vale, where the beautiful old houses are crammed up against ugly liquor stores and lovely parks are adjacent to modern shopping centres.

So, we find ourselves for lunch after a few vineyards, not on a shaded porch with a cheese platter and a glass of white but in a modern shopping centre with Formica tables and a carton of iced coffee. With the modern architecture of the centre there is little hint of the local heritage. However, the bakery did acknowledge it’s local produce with a delicious selection of hot pies – including a delicious meat pie with beef slow cooked in Shiraz. Had it not been so hot it would’ve have been devoured in seconds.

This blog is not about the pies, no matter how good they were, but we are here to focus on the donut which, as will shortly become evident, was questionable as a donut in the state presented. The following ratings are for the most part my own, however, wholly agreed upon by the group.

Aesthetics 3

Looking on the trusted Mirriam-Webster dictionary a donut is “usually a ring sized piece of sweet fried dough”. This donut, therefore, barely makes the cut for there was no hole to make it a "ring" size. It appeared more as an unfilled Berliner. It was clearly meant to have a hole (there was a deep indent on the inferior surface) but must have filled in as it rose. The sprinkles were thickly layered, and icing markedly pink.

Topping 7

The icing was in a good amount with surprisingly good texture and consistency. Not grainy, powdery or dry the icing topped a good volume of the donut and was covered by a generous volume of sprinkles. The sprinkles were also fresh and with a good crunch. The drawback of the icing was a grotesque fake berry flavour.

Dough 4

Once we got underneath the sprinkles and icing we come to the dough. The dough was as sweet as icing with little yeast flavour. Sadly, it was also fairly dense, making this more cake-like than donut.

Texture 5

As previously mentioned the dough was dense, with no spring in it, making it a scone or cake-like consistency. Likely fried the outside of the dough still had no crunch. The donut was not greasy which is always a plus and not many napkins were harmed in the making of this blog post.



It's... Edible

A donut designed for a child or for those who love bright, colourful misshapen objects. The donut was so sweet consumption may lead to early onset diabetes.

  • Aesthetics: 3
  • Topping: 7
  • Dough: 4
  • Texture: 5

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