Two Wells

May 2021
Donut from Two Wells Bakery

Head north out of Adelaide it doesn’t take long for you to hit Two Wells. It’s a small town, with all the little things a small town should have: bakery, butcher, pharmacy, IGA and football field. It has the pleasant vibes of a small Australian town, where everyone knows their neighbour. It feels rural but is within an hours drive from Adelaide’s city centre.

The first time we drove into Two Wells there was no one around, it was almost like a ghost town. As we drove down the main street it was hard not to miss the bakery, it was the only place with people to be seen. Despite the emptiness of the town the bakery had 12 people queued or waiting outside for their baked goods, with more arriving every minute.

Two Wells Bakery
Two Wells Bakery,
Two Wells
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Unsurprisingly, with such a crowd, there were no donuts remaining. So, onwards we drove.

A few months later we found ourselves heading north on a camping trip, and so passing Two Wells we tried again. It was a busy Saturday with a football game in full swing in the adjoining field. I’d never seen so many Utes in one place and I’m pretty certain the whole town was in attendance. I loved the atmosphere, the entire town was thriving with a sense of community. Luckily we hit the bakery before half time, and even then only a single donut remained.

The donut was not only delicious but also reasonably priced. What a lucky treat in this small town and worth the second visit.

Aesthetics 7

The top view on this donut looks delicious. What kid wouldn’t want to reach for the chocolate donut with great contrasting lashes of pink icing? The donut is well proportioned for the price. The major downside was that the chocolate icing was blotchy and dripping down the sides. The dough itself was also a bit dented, but nonetheless appealing in its golden nature.

Topping 7

The topping was the low point of this donut and even so, it wasn’t too bad. The base icing was a chocolate flavour, with potent strawberry lashes of icing on top. It wasn’t the cheapest chocolate flavour I’ve tasted but nothing compared to real chocolate. The strawberry was far too sickly sweet - but I think there are a lot of people out there who love strawberry flavouring (I’m just not one of them).

Dough 9

The dough was delicious. It was so fresh it tasted as though it had just come out of the fryer. There was a sense of depth with the yeast, rounded with a touch of salt and the perfect balance of sweetness. Easily a 10 if it weren’t for a slightly odd taste afterward, perhaps a leftover remnant of the oil it was fried in.

Texture 8.5

A fresh and chewy dough rounded off this excellent base. There was a crunch to its outer shell, and a soft centre with perfect spring and chew. Not too greasy on the fingers, the texture of the dough was perfect. However, the icing was letting the team down. It was just a bit too runny, sticking to one's fingers and making a mess.



Heavenly Delight

Really loved this donut and enjoyed the atmosphere of the town. It felt homemade but done well. No frills, no extra expense just a simple donut doing what it does best - being delicious!

  • Aesthetics: 7
  • Topping: 7
  • Dough: 9
  • Texture: 8.5

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