Nov 2017
Donut from Otto's Bakery

The Adelaide Hills are a leafy jewel for South Australia. With rolling hills of forests, the big blue sky stretching above and delicate villages filled with fine food and drink it’s an easy and pleasant drive from Adelaide. In the hills, there’s the little town of Hahndorf, as many South Australians will know, which is a homage to a German village. Founded in 1839 it’s old for Australian standards, and well known for its art, quaint German-style homes, food and as a tourist destination. The prices of food and drink reflect that latter point, and the multiple storefronts of tourist trinkets and crowded sidewalks attest to its success.

I’m not Hahndorf’s biggest fan, most tourist spots don’t really tempt me, but the area surrounding Hahndorf is undeniably beautiful and has some nice spots for lunch. In spring that’s where I found myself, lunching with a friend in the hills and enjoying the view surrounding us. The conversation turned towards the donut blog and eager to participate in this donut eating my friend and I googled the nearest bakery. The bakery hadn’t been recommended, we didn’t really know much about it, but Hahndorf has a reputation for food and the reviews online were ok so our hopes were high.

The bakery was cute, at the end of the main road and surrounded by old, leafy trees. Towards the end of the day it wasn’t too busy and still had a wide selection of German-style cakes and a handful of donuts remaining. The young girl behind the counter, unfortunately, had a bit of a too-cool complex and rolled her eyes at some of my questions. I won’t hold it against the rating though, I’d probably be similar if I had to deal with American tourists all day and excitable kids – and with my accent, I leant myself to the former of the two.

Taking our donuts we drove back to Adelaide and ate them in the shade of the veranda. The rating speaks for the donut but it’s rather like Hahndorf: expensive, lacking in depth, garish in parts and overall a bit disappointing.

Aesthetics 5.5

The donut was round but it looked like it had a bite on the side that’s left it slightly lopsided. A few sprinkles scattered over on top of a bright pink, and a bit garish, icing. The dough was a gorgeous golden colour though. It was a normal size, not too big or small.

Topping 5

Despite the colour and unpromising look the icing was actually ok, even though it was a pink berry flavour. It wasn’t as sweet and sickening as expected. Both the icing and sprinkles could have been thicker and more generous.

Dough 4

Interesting flavour, but not really in a positive way. There was a soapy aftertaste that all eating the donuts noted; perhaps made by some older oil. The dough itself was quite sweet, dry and not yeasty enough but other than that wasn’t terrible. Just a bit average and brought down by the soapy taste.

Texture 6.5

The dough was heavy and yet dry. There was very little spring and instead was chewy. There was a crunch to the outside of the dough and some sprinkle crunch too. The icing was smooth. Overall, this was the best part of this donut.



It's... Edible

As stated it really wasn’t worth the cost. I appreciate that their goods are made fresh in store, and probably the prices have to reflect the expectations of Hahndorf, but really they could have put a bit more thought into such an Aussie favourite.

  • Aesthetics: 5.5
  • Topping: 5
  • Dough: 4
  • Texture: 6.5

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