Jun 2017
Donut from Yankalilla Bakery

There are some things that Australians love more than almost any other country in the world. One of these things are their bakeries, another is their love of sports, another their reliance and enthusiastic participation in public holidays and usually all these things collide. An example of the latter two is that South Australia has a ‘public holiday’ and a large party celebration for the Melbourne Cup. This entertains me for several reasons. First, besides on the Melbourne Cup day, I don’t know anyone in South Australia who gets excited about horse racing. Secondly, Melbourne isn’t even in South Australia and thirdly, or perhaps I should have mentioned this first, it’s not even a real public holiday here but South Australian’s love it so much everyone basically just takes the day off anyway.

On any public holiday, be it a random Tuesday or a more appropriate Monday, you will find a trail of cars tracking down kilometres of South Road all heading out of the city and, weather permitting, to the beaches. The coastal villages and holiday destinations South of Adelaide swell in these peak times, as do the bellies of holiday goers filling up on baked and fried goods. Be it if you are headed to Kangaroo Island, Second Valley or if you fancied a scenic detour to Victor Harbour you would find yourself driving south on the B23 and through a little village called Yankalilla, perfectly placed geographically at a time when your stomach would be grumbling for lunch.

Yankalilla Bakery
Yankalilla Bakery,
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The Yankalilla bakery is one that I know unashamedly well. Having first been when I visited Australia a few years ago on one of these beach outings, I’ve since been back as it’s en route to my husband’s family holiday home. The praises I could sing in regard to their spinach and chicken slice would warrant a blog in its own right. The bakery has a wide selection of baked goods, glistening and calling from their exalted glass shelves, savoury and sweet. The bakery also caters on the busier business days to specific dietary requirements, like the availability of Gluten Free items which can please the whole family. I’ve never been to Yankalilla and not had to queue, but there’s always a seat to be had nearby.

They don’t try and do anything too fancy with their donuts, they serve up what they know the public want. And once you’ve eaten your pies and Kransky, nothing settles down better with an iced coffee than a $2.50 donut.

Aesthetics 6.5

The donut was well shaped, albeit on the small side, however, at $2.50 and after one of their large pies it was a perfect sized dessert. The icing was chocolate brown, which you could see peeking through the generous serve of red and white sprinkles. Considering it wasn't Valentines the red and white was a bit out of place. The icing gave ok coverage of the donut but it had dribbled through and down the central hole.

Topping 7.5

I wish I could say the icing consisted of real chocolate, however, there was the distinct chemical undertones of an artificially flavoured item. It wasn't overly sweet or unpleasant so I won't complain too much. It would have been nice to have a bit thicker consistency,  covering the dough, for what was there was slightly too runny as it dribbled down the sides. There was a good coverage of sprinkles, unfortunately just slightly on the stale side and softening. Not noticeable in their flavour, more in their texture.  

Dough 7

The dough was satisfying. A bit on the sweet side. There was a sense of yeast which pleasantly wafted the taste buds and accompanied well with a hint of salt. It was like a mildly yeasted sweet and salty popcorn in dough form. Similar to popcorn it was a bit on the dry side which I feared dulled the flavour.

Texture 7.5

The dough was as mentioned a wee bit dry and accompanying the thick crunch of the outer dough reflected maybe a tad too much time in the fryer - although still nowhere near burnt. The sprinkles were on the soft side. The dough had a little bit of spring back to it, and was quite airy (perhaps further lending to the dryness).



Worthy Contender

It was a good donut for the price and always a joy to visit this typical country town bakery. The donuts never quite hit the mark but are good, and with the standard of their other baked goods, this bakery is always a welcome stop on the road.

  • Aesthetics: 6.5
  • Topping: 7.5
  • Dough: 7
  • Texture: 7.5

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