Jul 2018
Donut from Dulwich Bakery

Over the last week, I was able to overcome all my donut cravings, that was until the weekend arrived. Blessed with some time off, I had ample opportunity to consume donuts – promptly making up for any good behaviour of the past. One such incidence occurred on Saturday morning. We braved the cold, and occasionally spitting rain, to go for breakfast in town. As those from Adelaide know, the city centre is surrounded by delightful parks on all four sides. I’ve heard rumours that at night these parks aren’t as delightful (or safe) as they should be, but for me, that’s still all hearsay. The wintery sun was just rising as we rolled up to the Victoria Park Grand Stand on the east side of town. The location overlooks the area where a large car race is held yearly and I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about the Adelaide 500 except that it involves cars driving fast.

But we weren’t here for the 500, wrong time of year, but for breakfast. Our first stop was a local cafe, serving up avocado on nearly every plate, and a free side of bacon for yours truly. A soft play area kept those under 5 entertained, whereas the coffee and conversation kept the rest of us going. Following our breakfast, we weren’t too hungry, but feeling peckish for something sweet I looked for bakeries around.

Dulwich Bakery
Dulwich Bakery,
Dulwich Avenue, Dulwich
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A mere stone’s throw away from town resides Dulwich Bakery. In a delightful area – surprisingly named Dulwich – with some traditional real estate, the bakery sits on a corner. Large windows welcome in the light, and twisted vines grace its terrace. Popular with locals and dog walkers it had a good trade midmorning and a good selection of cakes available to take away. On questioning, the friendly girl serving said that although not made in store, their goods were made and delivered fresh every day. Focussing in on the donuts I was greeted with several options including sprinkled or unsprinkled, large or small, berry topping, pineapple topping or chocolate topping. Opting for the double chocolate I took it to go, sharing it with my husband on the way home and half was enough for each of us.

Aesthetics 8

The dough was a nice golden colour, although it appeared dry in places. The donut was a good size and had a nice chocolate-on-chocolate topping with sugar strands. The diameter was perfectly equal throughout.

Topping 6

Perhaps I should have gone for one of the more exciting icing flavours – for what a disappointment when the icing is a chocolate "flavour". Not even close to tasting like real cocoa it was thin but topped with sugar strands that were fresh and crunchy.

Dough 7

The dough was a bit bland with an odd aftertaste on the palate. But it had a nice yeasty flavour and was more savoury than sweet.

Texture 6.5

The dough was a bit dry but had a slight outer crunch to the dough shell. The dough inside was light in density with not much chewiness. The icing was thin and the sprinkles nice and crunchy.



Almost Wonderful

The higher aesthetics rating saved this donut from a more morbid grave, but it goes to show you shouldn't judge a donut by its cover.

  • Aesthetics: 8
  • Topping: 6
  • Dough: 7
  • Texture: 6.5

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