Ingle Farm

Oct 2018
Donut from Ingle Farm Bakery

I have mentioned over the past few weeks, and posts, that my donut travels have taken me into the northern suburbs. The background story was that I had heard about one particular bakery, a highly rated bakery with drool-worthy Instagram photos of donuts – Ingle Farm Bakery – and was on a mission to go try their goods. My journey to get to this bakery was a longwinded one – it involved a useless sat-nav, accidental donut acquisitions, and many a kilometre travelled in the northern suburbs with no real direction. But, eventually I got hold of the delicious, deep-fried prize and it was glorious and well worth the hassle.

Ingle Farm Bakery isn’t the easiest to find. Tucked away at one of the shopping centre entrances, it doesn’t have the loudest signage or sit in the most prominent position. I had to ask a couple security guards where to go before eventually finding the right bakery. Even though the shopping centre was busy, and the car park full, there was not a soul lined up for the bakery and the shelves were still very well stocked. With hindsight, I was surprised – with such delicious goods I thought they would be flying off the shelves! The donut assortment greeting my eyes was varied – different sizes, different icings, different toppings. They had your standard toppings, standard sprinkles, and Berliners, but they also had interesting flavours like a Vietnamese coffee icing or a fun donut topped with M&M’s (I took one of each to go).

Ingle Farm Bakery
Ingle Farm Bakery,
Montague Road, Ingle Farm
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The ladies at the counter were polite and friendly, only too happy to help and serve. Taking a few to go I went back to the car and they joined the other four donuts I had acquired earlier on this little day trip. Not sure exactly what I was to do with six donuts for myself, I drove on, as it happened, to work for the start of a shift. Thankfully, there were a hungry and eager bunch of colleagues needing an afternoon snack. We set down the donuts, divided and conquered. As we went I rated each and explained the process to any and all who cared to listen. Comments from the donut-eating participants were thrown in, but the unanimous decision was that the Ingle Farm Bakery donuts far exceeded that of any others. The donuts were not only aesthetically pleasing, but the dough was mouth-watering, the texture fresh and the topping – well the topping could have had a bit of work done – but, none-the-less, excellent.

Driving home later after my shift I excitedly told my husband about another surprising donut chart contender – tucked away within a shopping mall. As I reminisced on my day one thing was sure, it wouldn’t be the final donut day trip to the northern suburbs I would have.

Aesthetics 8.5

This donut looked tempting, delicious and generous – the picture above does not do it justice. The M&M's and sprinkle combination was loved by all. The dough was a light golden colour and large in its size. The donut was a bit dented in parts and the topping could have been more bountiful – but that's being picky!

Topping 8

The icing was a chocolate "flavouring" which I personally am not a huge fan of, but it wasn't the worst. The M&M's and sprinkles were a great touch, both to the taste and to the texture – complementing each other well. The icing graced the top of the donut well, but as said before the M&M's and sprinkles could have been in more abundance.

Dough 9

The dough tasted wonderful. It was more sweet than salty, but well balanced with the yeastiness. You could taste a slight bit of oil, but it was fresh and not overpowering and added to the authenticity of the dough. The donut tasted very fresh.

Texture 9

The dough was soft, fresh and had a great density inside with a slightly crunchy outer shell. The icing was a bit on the thin side, but had a good additional crunch and texture from the M&M's and sprinkles.



Truly Glorious

Loved this fresh and scrumptious donut and I can't wait to go back to try the wide selection of donuts they have on offer.

  • Aesthetics: 8.5
  • Topping: 8
  • Dough: 9
  • Texture: 9

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