Oct 2018
Donut from Sunshine Bakery

One adventurous Wednesday I found myself in the Ingle Farm suburb of Adelaide for the sole purpose of eating donuts. Following some useless Sat Nav instructions, I had managed to detour to one bakery but accident, before heading to Ingle Farm shopping centre where there was not one, but two, bakeries to try. Due to my accidental detour, and a $5 EFTPOS minimum, I already had two donuts in my car as I arrived in the busy parking lot at Ingle Farm.

Walking inside, it wasn’t hard to spot Sunshine bakery – I walked in the right entrance and the sign glared brightly from above the bakery’s doors. As is the way with many shopping centre shops, it wasn’t your standard bakery, more of a counter that opened up to the shopping centre floor. Despite it being lunchtime the bakery wasn’t doing much trade and still had a wide selection of donuts on display.

Sunshine Bakery, Ingle Farm
Sunshine Bakery,
Montague Road, Ingle Farm
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As I went to pay for my donut, the server informed me they had a $5 EFTPOS minimum, and so once again I had no option but to get two donuts. Now, I was four donuts up – quite the feat for one person, no matter how hungry I am. On the way out I detoured by a third bakery, which I will excitedly publish the blog of another day, and picked up a further two donuts. So, with six donuts in hand, I wandered back to the car. All-in-all, an eight donut haul.

As is the way with donut blogging I have to somehow get pictures of the donuts – not just for the blog (which are the donuts you see at the top of every post), but also for social media. My phone is filled with hundreds of photos of donuts, actually more into the thousands. I’m not joking – if you think that for every donut I review there are 20-50 associated pictures, and we currently have over 40 donuts reviewed, that’s a lot of donut photos! Some people have pictures of their dogs, some of their kids, I of donuts. I dread the day that I have dogs, kids and donuts.

I digress, so with my eight donuts, I needed to get my pictures. Difficult to do in a car. So, climbing out of the car I started snapping away. Each donut would come out of the bag, be positioned on top of the car bonnet (on a piece of paper) and multiple pictures from multiple angles taken. After this, I would then attempt artistic poses with the donut up in the sky, near a bush, pointing at the ground (for social media). The problem was my phone’s battery kept dying (thanks Apple). So, I would take a few pictures; battery would go flat; I would jump in the car; turn on the engine; my phone would turn on again and back out of the car for pictures. This went for a good half an hour. It wasn’t until I was halfway through I noted movement to my left and there, sitting in a car with the engine off, was a woman, just staring at me. She sat there for the full 30 minutes staring at me strangely, no doubt completely mystified at what I was doing or merely exasperated by the millennial generation. What I go through for the blog.

Aesthetics 6

A smaller donut with a light brown icing, fully topped in more muted sprinkle strands. The dough was light in colour too and quite chunky in the diameter.

Topping 4.5

A sad chocolate "flavour", not at all very pleasing to the taste. It had softer sprinkles too and thin icing.

Dough 6

The dough was quite yeasty and sweet. The only negative, which was quite a big one, is that it left two odd tastes on the palate: one being of yeast, and the other being an almost floral/bland/numbing taste I really couldn't put my finger on. I wondered if it was a different type of oil used to fry it in.

Texture 6

The dough was dense and chewy, a little bit on the dry side. It had thin icing, with softer rather than crunchy sprinkles.



Not Offensive

It was an average donut but would fill an emergency donut need.

  • Aesthetics: 6
  • Topping: 4.5
  • Dough: 6
  • Texture: 6

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