Ned Kelly’s

Jun 2018
Donut from Ned Kelly Bakery & Cafe

For the past two weeks, I have been on a minor donut hiatus, having consumed copious amounts of donuts several weeks before. As I mentioned in last week’s blog I had done a mini donut road trip, taking the morning to travel around the north-west part of Adelaide with just myself, a coffee buzz and some podcasts to entertain me. The trip took me to Port Adelaide, which even in the dire cold and wind was charming. Port Road leads itself straight there, passing multiple old shops with aging fronts worn away by the wind. The leafy tree-lined avenues turn to tall palm trees the closer to the port one gets. Eventually, with a flurry of industry and retail, you end up at Port Adelaide – a quaint, pretty and charming centre with untapped potential.

Old, red brick buildings with white lattice terraces and creeping vines bordered a small junction. The buildings, each displaying proudly their architectural heritage, continued down to the port were grey-blue water lapped the edges of an old red and white spiralled lighthouse. Small, local coffee shops were thriving – although you would never have guessed given the foot traffic was minimal on such a wet day. However, every car park space was filled and you could tell from the steamed up windows the businesses were full and running a good trade.

Ned Kelly Bakery & Cafe, Alberton
Ned Kelly’s Bakery,
Port Road, Alberton
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I had been to Port Adelaide once before and forgot how much I loved it then. I love the buildings, the uniqueness and the surprise of it being there at all. It also has an excellent museum or two. I tried to go into a couple of coffee shops, but none had donuts left on display, so a bit saddened I left to head back home.

On my way down Port Road, heading towards the city, I found another bakery – just off the main road. Ned Kelly’s Bakery wasn’t much to look at from the outside, but had a full car park and inside was surprisingly big and well designed. Taking a donut to go I was easily tempted by their range of pies and other savoury items. Not a lost trip to Port Adelaide, thankfully, in the end.

Aesthetics 7.5

The donut had a small hole and a large, thick diameter. Overall it was a good size. The dough was a lovely golden, topped with colourful sprinkles on a glossy, chocolate icing.

Topping 6.5

The icing was chocolate in flavour and thick, but not fluffy. There could have been more sprinkles present, but they were at least fresh.

Dough 6

The dough almost tasted yeasty. It was a tiny bit sweet but more saviour overall. The taste of oil came through the aftertaste, almost coating your mouth, but it didn't taste stale.

Texture 6.5

The dough was on the dry side, more light and airy then dense. The icing was smooth, thick, and the sprinkles brought good crunch.



Almost Wonderful

One for the road, but perhaps not one to think about too much.

  • Aesthetics: 7.5
  • Topping: 6.5
  • Dough: 6
  • Texture: 6.5

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