Apr 2018
Donut from PN Bakery

My work has temporarily relocated me to the northern suburbs of Adelaide; this coincides well with The Holey Grail’s need for a review of northern bakeries. Knowing that a suburb in Adelaide wouldn’t be a suburb without a bakery, I started driving down random streets, pre-shifts, to see if I would bump into one. After many futile efforts on my own, I realised that all along I had a helping hand there in the car with me. So, I asked Siri if she could find any bakery nearby – and indeed she directed me to a shopping district where I found not one, but two bakeries!

Turn off Salisbury highway towards, believe-it-or-not, Salisbury; you find yourself crossing a train track and entering a shopping district. Plenty of eateries, real estate agents and random shops line the streets and parking is tight and tricky. After finally scoring myself a park I went off in search of these two elusive bakeries.

PN Bakery
PN Bakery,
John Street, Salisbury
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Salisbury shopping area is surprisingly delightful. The area had paved streets, chatty pedestrians and was beautifully and wonderfully multicultural. The shade from leafy trees was occasionally punctuated by dappling sunlight; the branches swinging out over the sidewalks and street. On the corner a choir lifted their voices up, harmonizing and blessing every passerby with their lyrics. Children ran happily down the street and people gathered in a few outdoor cafes. The district looked old, and slightly warn, but like a comfortable jumper that you love to put on.

The PN bakery wasn’t much on the outside, nor on the inside. You walk through the door and immediately bump into the glass counters. A lovely older woman stacking up trays of baked goods greeted me with a large smile and a promise that all items were baked fresh in store. Selecting final remaining vanilla-sprinkled donut I grabbed my goods and headed out with thanks. With little time to spare the other Salisbury bakery could wait until another day.

Aesthetics 7

The donut was a delightful golden brown and topped with the end of the bag of sprinkles, which was slightly patchy on the coverage. It was a large donut, considering the $2 price tag and although slightly irregular in shape and slightly fat around the diameter looked tempting to eat.

Topping 6.5

The icing was a delightful vanilla flavour with fresh sprinkles crunching on top. The icing could have been slightly more in abundance. The sprinkles were crunchy and tasted fresh, but the icing itself was dry and cracked.

Dough 5

This dough really needed a bit more yeast to balance it out. Initially, it tasted slightly salty but by the end of the palate, all you could taste was sweet. Besides the saltiness, the dough reminded me of a sweet roll or a brioche bun.

Texture 4

The outside of the dough was disappointingly dry although the inner aspect had a nice chew. The sprinkles had a good crunch, but the icing too was dried out and easily flaked off the donut.



Not Offensive

When trying to summarise the donut it wasn't bad, just average. At $2 and considering its size, it could be considered a bargain, depends on your standards.

  • Aesthetics: 7
  • Topping: 6.5
  • Dough: 5
  • Texture: 4

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